👉Best Dandelion Killer For Lawns [That Works]

Battling dandelions is challenging.

When the wind blows, the seeds of the dandelions will fall to your lawn and start to propagate.

If you’re thinking of pulling the root of the dandelion, you may break the taproot as it is brittle.

But here’s the problem:

Any taproot that remains in the ground will sprout again.

Uprooting can be tiresome for you especially if your lawn is large.

So, what is the most reliable way to get rid of these weeds from re-growth?

Use the best dandelion killer for lawns.

Organic Dandelion Killers

They’re safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

👍 Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

[Natural: Best Weed Killer For Dandelions]

Type: Pre-emergent, Selective, Granule

  • The main ingredient in this dandelion preventer is corn gluten meal.
  • It keeps the roots from forming when the seeds start to sprout. The seedling will soon die.
  • It also feeds your lawn, so it looks lush and green.
  • Apply this weed killer twice each year; once in the spring and once in the fall.

A majority of Amazon reviewers felt satisfied with Espoma. It did kill dandelions in their lawns. For best results, you have to apply it a few times because it takes time to break down. One customer only used once, and the dandelions were still around.

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Chemical Dandelion Killers

You should only use chemical control as a last resort.

Stick to organic approaches first.


They are more eco-friendly 😉.

Make sure you wear protective gears before applying on the weeds.

✔️ Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer

[Chemical: Best Granular Dandelion Killer]

Type: Post-emergent, Selective, Granule

  • Kill dandelions and feed at the same time to choke out future weeds.
  • The weed grip technology tackles weeds you see and do not see.
  • 2x more potent than other weed control products.


  • Easy to apply – water your lawn, then use a spreader to scatter the granules across the yard.
  • Works great if you have one of the types of lawn.
  • What doesn’t go towards killing weeds will become valuable nutrients to your grass.
  • It usually takes less than seven days to see results unless it rains.


  • You may have put it in a different container to carry around if you find the original package is too heavy ( 14.45 pounds).
For best results, apply it to a damp lawn.

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed impressed several Amazon consumers. After a couple of weeks, not a single dandelion left in their lawns. Also, their grass thickened, thanks to the feed part.

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Southern Ag – 12401 – Surflan A.S.

Type: Pre-emergent, Selective, Spray

  • It can last up to four months after spraying.
  • Routine application is necessary if you intend to kill all the dandelions.

An Amazon reviewer could not spot a single dandelion after two months of spraying Surflan A.S. on his lawn. Don’t mix it too low as advised by another Amazon customer.

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Bonide Weed Beater

Type: Post-Emergent, Selective, Spray

  • Bonide Weed Beater is one of the best herbicides for dandelions that won’t kill grass.
  • As an effective spot weed killer, you’ve to apply a few times as new broad-leaf weeds appear.

An Amazon user commented that he had never found a better product like Bonide Weed Beater to prevent dandelions. Others mentioned it took a few weeks to kill them without damaging their lawns. You may need to increase the mixing ratio for more stubborn weeds.

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Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

Type: Post-emergent, Broad-Spectrum, Spray

  • Ready to use (saves time as you don’t need to mix anything).
  • It can treat more than 630,000 square feet.
Spray the dandelions with a thick layer of the Compare-N-Save on a warm sunny day. You should see results within four days.

Most Amazon customers stated Compare-N-Save took time to kill the dandelions. So, be patient. But unfortunately, the grass around it also died 🤦🏽‍♂️  .

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Southern Ag 2, 4-D Amine Weed Killer

Type: Post-emergent, Selective, Spray

Many lawns looked better after using Southern Ag, based on the Amazon reviews. One of them only sprayed his garden one time. Another owner used one quart to treat a third of an acre of dandelion-infested pasture. All the dandelions were gone 🙂.

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PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone

Type: Post-Emergent, Selective, Spray

  • It gets rid of dandelions in the lawn, leaving your grass intact.
  • It can cover up to 18,000 square feet. This herbicide is perfect for large yard owners.

Amazon users gave positive comments about Speed Zone as it killed broadleaf weeds like dandelions. Make sure you order a sprayer with it.

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The best way to remove dandelions from the lawn is to kill the whole plant, including the taproot. And keep new seeds from germinating in the soil.

How Do Dandelions Grow So Fast

Dandelions are broad leaf perennials that can grow in any soil.

They deprive your lawn of the needed water, nutrients, and space.

They thrive the most under full sunlight.

In the early spring, new sprouts will emerge from the taproot.

They can grow up to three feet deep in the soil.

As they mature, their flowers turn yellow.

The next thing you know.

They become white puffballs that contain seeds.

The wind carries these seeds to other lawns.

Soon dandelions start popping up!

When fall comes, the weeds disappear.

But the taproots survive deep in the soil.

When spring arrives, the growing cycle repeats.

Buying Guide For The Best Dandelion Killer For Lawns

Organic or Chemical

Organic herbicides will take a longer time to see results than chemical ones.

You may need to apply more than once.

The advantage of natural weedkiller is that it is safe for your kids and pets.

I can’t deny that chemical weed control products work faster.

But, they are not friendly to animals and children.

Make sure you wear protective gears. Wear gloves to protect your skin and masks to reduce breathing in of toxic fumes.

Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent

If you don’t want the dandelion seeds to germinate, then go for a pre-emergent herbicide.

For effective dandelion control, apply pre-emergent weedkillers in late winter and early fall.


It’s  useless  if the dandelion seeds begin to germinate.

You can either get a liquid or granular pre-emergent.

You apply it straight to the surface of the lawn.

The last step is to water it into the soil, which will activate the ingredients.

Post-emergent herbicides kill existing dandelions. You only apply once.

For best results, saturate the ground at the base of the dandelion.

Cover all exposed leaves and stems.

Selective or Broad-Spectrum

Selective broad-leaf herbicides only kill broadleaf weeds such as dandelions.

The best part?

They don’t harm your grass or nearby plants of your lawn.

Broad spectrum (non-selective) weedkillers will wipe out any plant that gets sprayed.

Use them to spot-treat flower beds, driveways, and pathways where dandelions grow.

Weather Conditions

Some herbicides work in all kinds of weather. So, you can spray it whenever is convenient for you.

Others will lose their effectiveness when it rains or when it is too dry. You’ve to pick the right timing to use the weed preventer.

Effective Ways To Use Dandelion Killers

Use Both Corn Gluten Meal And Postemergence Herbicide

Have you tried to remove every single dandelion in your turf or garden?

You’ll know that these weeds hide well, especially right after mowing the lawn.

Corn gluten meal is also known as a “weed and feed” product.

It hinders the growth of seeds and supplies nitrogen to the soil at the same time.

It’ll not work on existing dandelion plants.

Do you want a less headache weed control?

Combine both post-emergence and a corn gluten solution in spring.

You know what?

Nothing a single root can escape.

Here is a bonus.

The dead roots will decay, providing organic materials for your lawn. This process will enrich your soil.

Uproot The Weeds

Pull the existing roots to prevent new dandelions from sprouting.

Do you know what happens when the corn gluten breaks down?

It’ll make your soil rich with nitrogen.

In other words, it’ll nourish your existing lawn and weeds!

If you don’t remove the existing dandelions, they’ll get all the nutrients!

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What Is The Best Time To Spray Dandelions?

Early fall is a fantastic time to kill dandelions with herbicides.

Why is this important?

During winter, dandelion leaves will die.

These weeds survive through their roots.

In early fall, the leaves will transfer all the nutrients to the roots until the onset of winter.

When you spray the herbicides, the leaves will absorb and pass the herbicides to the roots.

Here is a little secret.

Two or three days before applying the weedkillers, don’t mow the lawn.


Mowing will get rid most of the dandelion leaves. So, the absorption amount will drop.

It’ll take two to three days for the herbicides to do its magic.

Then, you can start mowing your lawn.

Another trick?

Herbicides work best before the dandelion start flowering.

Once the flowers blossom, the dandelions will be more tolerant to the herbicides.

It makes dandelion killers not effective.

What to do with dandelions that survive after the treatment?

Remove them with a post-emergent spray like Ortho GroundClear Vegetation Killer Concentrate.

How Does Spot Spraying Weeds Work

Spot treatment for weeds only targets the leaves of the dandelions, not the roots.

It doesn’t have any contact with the soil.

So, you can use it in lawns.

After spot spraying, wait for a few days before reseeding your turf.


It doesn’t matter which method you use to get rid of dandelions.

The most important thing is to prevent them from going to seed. Once the fluffy seed heads appear, the number of dandelions in your lawn will multiply.

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Best Weed Killer For Dandelions
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