Best Lawn Mower For Mulching

Did you know that a lawn the size of a tennis court can produce over a ton of grass clippings in a season?

If you don’t want to collect and dispose of your grass clippings and leaves, you need a mulching lawnmower.

If you find it time consuming to collect and dispose the grass clippings, a mulching lawnmower is what you need.

Recommended Lawn Mowers for Mulching

You’ll notice that usually the mulching blades have a more curved style surface.

In most cases, you’ll find extra cutting surfaces along the blade edges.

Sometimes, the mulching blades are known as “3-in-1” (mulching, discharging and bagging) or “all-purpose” blades.

A lawn mower with mulching blades recycles grass clippings by cutting them into fine pieces which are known as mulch.

Then it will blow them down into the surface of your turf.

The rapid decomposition of the clippings aided by microorganisms will enrich soil as nitrogen and other valuable nutrients from the mulch return to the soil.

Moreover, mulching improves moisture retention, reducing the frequency of watering your garden.

In short, a mulching lawn mower allows you to cut the grass and fertilize your yard at the same time.

Thus, you’ll save money on artificial fertilizers and enjoy a healthy, attractive lawn.

You also save time and effort since you don’t have to empty the bag.

Comparing to a conventional mower, you can cut your lawn up to 30% quicker.

Imagine if your lawn is as big as a tennis court, you’ll collect a stunning 1 1/4 tons of clippings every year.

This is equivalent to 33lbs of nitrogen, 30lbs of potash and 10lbs of phosphate.

Here is the best push lawn mowers for mulching.

You use less effort with self-propelled mowers such as Snapper 21″ Self Propelled Gas Mower especially on graded areas of your lawn.

It is worth paying more for superb mulching and bagging.