Best Lawn Roller For Mole Hills

Molehills not only destroy your lawn by exposing the grassroots, but they also create tripping hazards.

If the damage of your yard is not serious, you don’t have to do anything. Once the food source runs out, the moles will leave.

But you’ll end up with ridges and mounds on your lawn due to the surface tunneling.

You can smooth out the bumpy areas with a lawn roller.

Furthermore, it packs the soil and crushes the tunnels, making it harder for other moles to move into the existing homes.

Here are the best lawn roller for mole hills.

Brinly PRC-24BH Poly Lawn Roller

If you have a small yard, the Brinly PRC-24B is a good choice to reverse the effects of mole damage.

  • 24″ large surface area for more coverage in less time
  • Option to use push or tow
  • Fill the drum with water or sand
  • Treated with dent and rust resistant coating
  • Lightweight poly design allows easy pushing, maneuverability around tight corners, transport, and storage
  • Rounded corners to protect your lawn when making sharp turns
  • Removable handle for quick conversion from push to tow operation
 A customer at Home Depot raves about the effectiveness of PRC-24B in stopping moles from searching around his yard. 

Agri-Fab 45-0268 Poly Tow Only Lawn Roller

If you own a riding lawn mower or a garden tractor, Agri-Fab 45-0268 is perfect for your large yard.

Once filled, no mole hills will survive.

  • 36″ roller for quicker work
  • Only tow
  • Fill up to 400 pounds (181 kg) of sand or water
  • Easy to transport and store when it’s empty
  • Rounded drum edges prevent indentation during turns
  • The poly shell can handle minor bumps and cracks
  • Welded seams for leak-proof and smooth rolls
 An 81-year old customer of eBay said he was happy with Agri-Fab as it flattened molehills in his yard. 


The whole idea of using a lawn roller is to make the surface of your yard even. So look out for wide areas affected by tunneling. Run over any mounds that you see.

A good roller should allow you to make the roller heavier by adding water. You need the right weight to smooth out the tunnels and molehills without killing your lawn.

For best results, go slow preferably 1 to 2 mph.

The best time to roll your lawn is after a rain or the snow melts.

The roller will create slight depressions once the mole tunnels collapse. If you find any low spots in your lawn, fill them with topsoil before using the roller. Otherwise, your lawn will be a hazard to walk on as there is no proper drainage. In addition, mowing will be easier when the land is flat.

Any kind of compaction will affect grass growth. After rolling, you need to alleviate soil compaction by aeration.


Even though lawn rollers won’t get rid of moles but they will keep your yard in shape by flattening the molehills.

Best Lawn Roller For Molehills
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