Best Time To Buy Plants

The best time to start planting is during spring and fall.

So, it is also a good time to buy some plants for your garden.

A visit to a nearby nursery can be fruitful if you have the right knowledge.

Otherwise, you will end up with a garden filled with dying plants.

Here are 10 buying tips for new plants from Houzz to make your garden more captivating.

  1. Plan Before Buying (exposure, space & soil)
  2. Avoid Impulse Buys
  3. Read the Label
  4. Know the Signs of Unhealthy Plants
  5. Choose Buds Over Blooms
  6. Don’t be Afraid of Small Plants (they initially grow faster than the large ones)
  7. Buy Local Plants Whenever Possible (higher chance of survival)
  8. Check for a Warranty (probably a large nursery)
  9. Ask a Certified Nursery Professional (trained in horticulturist)
  10. Choose the Nursery That Suits Your Needs

If you had bought the hydrangea that had unopened blooms, its flowers would have opened shortly after planting and you would have enjoyed a longer bloom season.


Read the detailed article at Houzz.

Best Time To Buy New Plants
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