Should You Use An Electric Lawn Mower On Wet Grass

It is essential for lawn owners to take good care of their yards, even during the rainy season.

But is it safe to use an electric mower on wet grass or after rain?

When you use any gardening power tool, you should never overlook personal safety.

Why Should You Not Cut Grass When It’s Wet?

Why do many experts not encourage using electric mowers on wet grass?

  • Mowing wet lawn can be hazardous. It is slippery. Imagine with the exert force when using an electric push mower; you may accidentally slip. What if you fall towards the spinning blades?
  • Have you ever mowed a wet grass and it looks uneven? Wet grass bends over. So, when you mow, your mower is likely to miss tall grasses. Once you have dry weather, the tall grasses that miss snipping will stand straight. That is how you end with an uneven cut lawn. Also, remember that mowers have difficulty cutting slick grass blades.
  • Clumping of clippings is inevitable due to the dampness. It tends to make your lawn patchy.
  • If you are bagging the wet clippings, eventually, the inlets of the collection box will get jammed. The uncollected waste will be left on the lawn, making it look untidy. Also, too much clipping on the surface of the soil will kill your grass.
  • You may not even use the mulching feature of the mower fully as the clipping is wet.
  • When you run electric mowers over a soggy ground, you’ll end up with ruts. Furthermore, the tires of the mowers can uproot the grass.
  • You’ll never have a clean cut when the grass is wet. Instead, you’ll get tears in the grass. Such tearing invites fungal growth. With the combined moisture, it is a perfect environment for the fungus to thrive.
  • If you use an electric mower with a roller to create stripes on your damp sod, soil compaction is bound to happen. The roller will reduce the gap between wet soil particles. You’ll not have a lush yard as the water, nutrients, and oxygen fails to reach the roots.
  • When you mow wet grass, the clippings tend to cling the underside of your mower. It’ll reduce air flow created by the blade and the deck. A smooth, contoured look lawn needs proper air flow.
  • You’ve to worry about chlorophyll stains. Anything that comes in contact with freshly cut wet grass will have stains.

Will Mowing Wet Grass Ruin Your Lawn Mower?

  • Tall wet grass can exert strains on some electric mowers. Sometimes, the motors get overheat.
  • When mowing over the soggy lawn, the buildup of clumps will subsequently block the air flow and the blade. The blockage will force the motor to work harder until it breaks down. It also drains the battery or pops the circuit breaker.
  • If you do not remove the wet clumps from the undercarriage of the mower and leave the machine damp for too long, you may have to buy a new one.
If you’re struggling with tall grass, check out which electric mower to use.

What If You Have To Mow Wet Grass?

You’ve noticed several reasons for not mowing when the lawn is wet.

But if it rains a lot during spring, you still have to mow whether the grass has dried or not.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, waiting for the turf to dry out is almost impossible.

In such circumstances, mowing wet grass is better than letting the grass grow too tall.

It is safer to use battery-powered mowers than corded ones. It is dangerous to use an electric mower with an extension cord when mowing wet grass. You’ve to face the risk of electric shock when the wire is exposed to moisture.

If you insist on using a corded electric mower in damp conditions, use a GFCI extension cord plug with three prongs to reduce the risk of electrocution. Make sure it is a UL listed outdoor-rated extension cord, and your mower has a ground contact.
  1. Before starting, make sure your yard is free from objects and foreign debris. You do not want to run over them that can damage your mower. You also do not wish to step on them that may injure you.
  2. Always wear proper non-slip footwear, eye protection, long pants, and long sleeve shirts.
  3. Make sure the ground is not too soggy. Just walk, and if your feet sink, it means the soil is soaked with water.
  4. Sharpen the mower blade. You don’t want to rip or tear the grass. For an almost perfect trim, mowing wet lawn will often require a few passes. Keeping the blade sharp also prevents the mower from being overloaded when cutting damp turf.
  5. Before cutting the grass after a rain, examine the grass. Don’t mow if the blades bend over. Wait until they are upright.
  6. Set your electric mower to discharge the clippings by the side. You can bag them later. You don’t have to deal with a wet grass catcher. And the chances of getting your mower bogged down are less.
  7. Increase the deck height to cut the grass to three or four inches long. You can’t get a close shave when the lawn is damp. So, don’t give yourself a hard time. Do the best that you can.
  8. When you’ve finished mowing, clean the mower, especially the underside. Clean the air inlets and filters. Scrape the clippings off the blade. It’ll prevent the spread of mold when you mow your lawn again.
  9. Your mower will draw more power from the battery when cutting wet grass. As the battery drains, the blade will spin slower, causing your turf to look choppy. Take a break and recharge the battery.


You have three options when it comes to wet grass.

Number 1: If your lawn is soggy, you can wait for the ground to dry before mowing.

Number 2: Get a powerful cordless mower with sharp blades and good cutting decks that can tackle wet grass.

The risk of electric shocks is minimal because it runs on DC power. Furthermore, a sealed plastic housing that holds electrical components protects you from fatal shock.

Being cordless, the dragging of the extension cord is history. You have nothing to worry about the odds of the blade cutting the cord.

Unlike petrol mower, you don’t have to deal with gas refueling, change of filters, harmful fumes and loud noise.

Here is the best battery-operated lawn mower for wet grass.

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An Amazon reviewer was satisfied with the performance of EGO LM2102SP. It could cut thick, wet grass and did a great mulching job. Another HomeDepot buyer left his lawn for more than three weeks. His lawn was soaking wet from overnight rains. His EGO LM2102SP “did a fantastic job” and didn’t stall at all.
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Number 3. You can always get a robotic lawn mower that cuts automatically in the rain. You will always have free time to spare. It can cut in almost all conditions, keeping garden immaculate.

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Should You Use An Electric Lawn Mower On Wet Grass