Best Garden Tool Set With Bucket {Review And Buying Guide 2019}

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of the best garden tool sets with buckets to make your outdoor job easier.

What would gardening be without buckets? After all, your hands can only hold two tools at a time.

Let’s dive in.

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Why do you need a tool bucket? So, you can have all your gardening tools close at hand.

You can store your gloves, fork, trowel, rake, pruner, plant labels, and tags in one place.

When you have all your gadgets handy in a caddy bag, you don’t have to make extra trips to the garden shed for the tools you need.

Here comes the best part.

The yard tool bucket is not just an organizer.

You can also use it to carry weeds and grass clippings from your lawn. Think seedlings or dirt. Even water if it is waterproof.

It would be an ideal garden tool bag gift set for passionate gardeners!

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Best Yard Tool Sets With Buckets

Scuddles 9-Piece Heavy Duty Gardening Tools with Bucket Storage Organizer

  • Foldable and collapsible – compact when folded.
  • Can hold up to 6 gallons of soil or any other garden tools.
  • Flat bottom.
  • Washable fabric.

Amazon customers complimented about the spacious pockets and collapsible bucket. With the carrying bag, you can carry it with conveniently all over your garden as you attend to your plants.

If you plan to use the bucket to carry weeds or soil, make sure you empty all your tools first.

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California Picnic 9-Piece Garden Tool Set With Basket

  • 12-month warranty for the 5 gallons garden tote.
  • 600D heavy-duty fabric.
  • Plastic bottom for durability. Can handle mud or damp stuff.

Amazon reviewers liked this tote. The outside pockets with elastic bands can secure your garden tools and accessories without falling out. Besides toting your equipment, you can put grass clippings and weeds in the bucket.

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Not all five-gallon buckets are the same. Shorter ones (about 13 inches) may fit your tool tote bag. But when you fill all the pockets with tools and supplies, they will sag. So, opt for a tall bucket of between 15 and 16 inches to give you some leeway to stretch.

Colmax 10-Piece Garden Tool Kit With Waterproof Tool Bucket

  • 600D Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric.
  • The Colmax bucket has a capacity of 6 gallons.
  • It can be foldable into a compact size. Good for space-saving.

Most Amazon users loved the bucket because it was sturdy and robust. One of them liked the waterproof coating on the inside. Thus, it can hold water. Unlike other tote bags that tend to get heavy at times, you can expect this caddy to be light.

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MidSir 10-Piece Heavy Duty Gardening Kit With Collapsible Gardening Bag

  • Foldable when not in use.
  • The inside of the bucket is waterproof so you can use it as a water container.

Overall, the Amazon buyers were satisfied with the bucket as it was well made. They can take all the tools everywhere in the garden.

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Buying Tips For Garden Tool Set With Bucket

  • Look for durable and easy-to-clean fabrics such as polyester, canvas, or oxford cloth.
  • As a complete set of garden tools, the bucket should be multipurpose. It is not only to keep your tools and accessories in one place but also to carry soil, weeds, seedlings, water, and others.
  • It is handy when the tote has inner pockets. You can use them to hold plant tags, vegetable, flower or herb seeds. Choose a garden tool tote with a maximum number of pockets. Consider also the size and depth of the pocket.
  • Can the tool bucket be folded? A foldable one can save space when not in use.
  • Garden equipment kits exert strains to the bucket. So, make sure there is a thick padding on the bottom to reduce tearing.
When you’re finished in the garden, place your tools in a bucket or bread pan full of sand to keep them clean, dry, and free of rust or other corrosion. The sand will wick away moisture and help keep your tools dry until the next use.

Frequently Bought Together

Do you sharpen trowels, pruners, loopers, scissors, and shears? Sharpening your garden tools is a game-changer.

Feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry!

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A lightweight bucket is ideal for any serious gardener. It can transport gardening equipment or debris when you don’t need a cart. Get a silicone collapsible bucket. It’s a space saver multipurpose container.

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