Organic Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Organic Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Once autumn arrives, the temperature starts to drop and the days become shorter.

And the leaves start falling.

It’s important to take certain measures during fall so your lawn will continue to be healthy.

You don’t want your turf to die as it’s not easy to restore it when spring comes.

Let’s look at some autumn lawn care tips to ensure your yard looks great all year round.

Best Lawn Roller For Molehills

Best Lawn Roller For Mole Hills

Molehills not only destroy your lawn by exposing the grassroots, but they also create tripping hazards.

If the damage of your yard is not serious, you don’t have to do anything. Once the food source runs out, the moles will leave.

But you’ll end up with ridges and mounds on your lawn due to the surface tunneling.

You can smooth out the bumpy areas with a lawn roller.