Best Plant Frost Cover For Raised Beds {2019 Reviews}

If you have a raised bed garden and the winter is coming, you should protect your crops.

And the easiest way to do it is to use plant frost covers for raised beds.

When you drape a winter blanket over a wire or PVC hoops, it not only protects your plants from extreme temperatures but also keeps pests at bay.

Here are some of the top products to winter-proof your plants.

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Best Plant Frost Cover For Raised Beds

Plant blanket helps protect your valuable plants in raised beds from frost, snow, and cold winds.

Agribon is an ideal winter protections for vegetables, vines, flowers, and fruit trees.

Agribon AG-19 Floating Row Crop Cover / Frost Blanket / Garden Fabric Plant Cover

  • Ultralight non-woven frost blanket.
  • Up to 4 degrees F frost protection and 85% light transmission.

Many Amazon reviewers mention that covering their plants with Agribon saves them from hard frost or cold snap.

You have to careful when setting up Agribon. As the fabric is thin, it is prone to tearing.

It has mixed reviews when handling gusty winds. Whether it will rip or not, it depends on how strong the wind is. Anyway, use PVC clips to secure the blanket to the netting hoops, so it doesn’t fly away with the wind.

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Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover (Rectangular)

  • Support up to 200 square feet. Suitable for 4′ X 12′ raised beds.
  • 14 built-in metal grommets along the edge to keep the Planket from blowing off (best secured with the Planket Landscape Stakes).
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty material that allows plants to breathe.
  • Foldable for easy storage

Most Amazon users experience no frost damage on their plants with Planket screen cover. They also find it easy to use.

Planket garden cover cloth is long enough to cover several plants. It keeps vegetables to produce longer during the cold snaps.

The stakes are made of hard plastic. So make sure the ground is soft. Otherwise, they will break easily.

Not as robust as burlap. When placed under stress, the non-woven fabric will rip at the grommets.

Set up strings of Christmas lights under the plant or drop a LED grow light under the Planket to generate heat.

Anchor them down securely with yard staples. If you try to leave the cover on for long periods, the wind will blow it off.

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Gardaner Plant Covers Freeze Protection & Plant Blanket Fabric 8Ft x 24Ft Rectangle Plant Cover for Cold Weather

  • Fit 4′ x 8′ raised garden bed.
  • Its large size allows you to cut it to fit different measurements. So, you can protect various sizes of plants during winter.
  • Made of 0.9 oz./sq. yard microfiber fabric. Offer protection for both frost and hot sun. Plus insects and birds.
  • Ideal for germination and rapid seedling growth.
  • UV stabilized, reusable, and durable non-woven 60D fabric.
  • Lightweight and soft material to avoid damage to the plants. And lets air and moisture to reach them.

A majority of Amazon buyers say the Gardaner protects their plants from cold nights. It also holds up through heavy frost and wind.

They find it easy to put down and take off on freezing nights. This means you can move it around with little effort when winter hits.

Need some weights on the cover so it can stay in place over the plants.

Because the fabric is thick, it blocks quite a bit of sun.

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The heavy-duty poly film, such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, or polyvinyl chloride, will turn your raised beds into mini-greenhouses. They help to retain heat and protect your plants from frosts down to 22 F.


Agfabric Heavy Floating Row Cover and Plant Blanket, 0.9 oz Fabric of 6x25ft for Frost Protection and Terrible Weather Resistant

  • Works well for 20′ long raised beds.
  • Made of 0.9-1.2 oz./sq. yard polypropylene fabric with UV protection.
  • Heavy-duty material for repeated use.
  • Allow 30%-50% light to pass through.

Most reviews at Amazon indicate that Agfabric protects vegetables and herbs against frost and snow. Some use it for a few years, so it saves money.

The removable cover is light, which is perfect on the hoop and doesn’t smash the plants.

If you don’t want the wind to blow it away, put rocks or bricks around the edges to hold it down.

However, the .9 oz fabric is too thin for low tunnels.

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You can use a low tunnel such as Tierra Garden over one of your raised beds. It forms a complete barrier against frost, scorching sun, animals, and pests. It also allows air, rain, and sunlight to pass through.

Tierra Garden 50-5010 Haxnicks Easy Fleece Tunnel Garden Cloche, Giant

  • Work on not more than 2 feet wide raised beds.
  • A patented, one-piece design that opens like an accordion and folds neatly for storage.
  • Made from long-lasting UV-stabilized, 45gsm heavy-weight polypropylene fleece
  • Rust-proof galvanized steel hoops to keep the tunnel in position.
  • Drawstring ends allow quick access and adjustment of ventilation for your plants.
  • Dimensions: 118″L x 24″W x 18″H

Overall, the Amazon customers are happy that Tierra Garden insulate their plants against hard frost.

Most find the frost blanket easy to use. You can slide it over for more sun during the day. It is also handy when you want to harvest or water your vegetables.

The only problem is that the cover is small.

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Use a right-sized sheet that fits tightly to your raised bed. Don’t have to worry about the wind blowing it off.

Frost Protek offers the greenhouse effect to give seedlings and transplants a head start. Protect plants light frost (not below 26 degrees Fahrenheit), cold nights, wind, heavy rain, insects, and animals.

Frost Protek Floating Garden Bed Cover -10 feet by 15 feet –Garden Fabric for Protection and Insulation

  • The lightweight breathable fabric enables plants to receive air, moisture, and UV light.
  • You don’t have to remove the cover each morning and replace it each evening. It will not damage plants.
  • Made of 0.9 oz non-woven polypropylene.
  • Reusable for multiple seasons.

A majority of Amazon users testify that Frost Protek keep their plants safe from frost. One has used it for 4 years and has not lost a single plant to the hard freezes.

One complainant says the fabric is thin. A breeze could lift it up, exposing the plants to harsh weather. To solve the problem, place some bricks on the edges to secure it.

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Any frost cloth will prevent pollinating insects that some crops need. That is why you should remove it during the day, especially when the bees are buzzing around.

How To Make Row Covers For Raised Beds

Frequently Bought Together With Plant Frost Covers For Raised Beds

Fit your raised bed planters perfectly. Push them into the soil easily. No need extra support for standing upright.

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Suitable for 3 feet wide raised beds with covers.

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Anchor your frost covers in the raised beds.

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