Best Plant Frost Covers For Vegetables

One of your headaches during winter gardening is the threat of freezing weather.

It can ruin your crops.

Without frost protection, vulnerable plants don’t stand a chance to survive.

That is why you need to install plant frost covers for vegetables as they create a warm environment beneath them.

Let’s dive in and see which one can protect your veggie garden from killing frost.

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Best Covers Keep Plants From Freezing In Vegetable Gardens

Usually, the threat of frost happens overnight when the cold temperature freezes the moisture on plant leaves and buds.

The best way to avoid frost damage is to keep the moisture from freezing.

Most cold-weather protection products work by creating a barrier to prevent frost or snow from settling on plant foliage.

Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover, 10 ft x 20 ft Rectangular And 14 Landscape Stakes

  • Size 10 x 20 feet. Provide coverage up to 200 square feet.
  • Lightweight, durable, breathable fabric.
  • Folds up for storage.
  • Suitable for raised bed gardens.

Here are the Amazon customers’ reviews.

  • It’s lightweight so it does not crush the plants.
  • One cover is long enough to keep several plants from the frost.
  • The fabric will freeze to the ground after the rain. To avoid ripping it, you have to wait for it to thaw.
  • It saves tomatoes and peppers when the temperature occasionally drops into the mid-40s.
  • The dark green color may block some sunlight.
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Gardaner Plant Covers Freeze Protection & Plant Blanket Fabric 8Ft x 24Ft Rectangle Plant Cover for Cold Weather

  • Huge cover – 8 x 24 feet
  • Cut it into different size to protect big and small plants in winter – shrub tomato, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, melon, green pepper, hot peppers, watermelon, blackberries, and strawberry rows
  • Made from 0.9oz/sq.yard 60D microfiber fabric
  • UV-stabilized, breathable, reusable, lightweight, but durable fabric.
  • Protects raised bed vegetables against frost during winter.

What do Amazon customers say about Gardaner plant covers?

  • Protect veggies in hoop houses and raised beds from cold temperatures.
  • Not flimsy compared to those bought at landscape store.
  • The ground under the fabric doesn’t freeze. It keeps the water and snow out.
  • For raised beds, it’s easy to put down the cover when it is too cold.
  • It doesn’t rip or tear easily.
Use 1.5″ PVC pipe to create arches over the garden bed. To hold the Gardaner blanket in place, use plastic clamps. For high winds, use more hooks to hold it down.
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Remiawy Plant Covers Freeze Protection Frost Cover Plant Blanket for Cold Weather -Reusable Frost Blankets for Plants Floating Row Cover for Vegetables Insect Protection Season Extension

Remiawy floating row is perfect for overwintering and protecting crops from deep freezes.

  • Big size – 8 x 24 feet
  • 2 densities available – 0.74 and 1.33 oz. per square yard
  • Lightweight, breathable, and UV-stabilized fabric.
  • Ideal for young seedlings, vegetable raised beds, and potted plants.
  • One year guarantee.

What do Amazon users say about Remiawy plant blankets?

  • It doesn’t fall apart like paper.
  • Tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage survive below freezing weather without freeze damage.
  • Big enough to cover a group of potted outdoor or rows of container plants.
Place Remiawy frost-free cloth over the crop and hoops. Secure with rocks, clips, or other heavy objects.

0.74 oz. per square yard, 85% light transmission, and down to 32ºF for frost protection

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1.33 oz. per square yard, 90% light transmission

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Try to avoid letting the sheeting or blanket be in contact with any plant parts and make sure that the covering drapes all the way to the ground. Cover the edges with a small amount of soil or other material to hold the edges down, if needed.

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Agfabric Warm Worth Plant Cover for Frost Protection, Multi Sizes for Your Choice.95oz (108”x96”)

  • 3 sizes available: 40″ x 60″, 84″ x 72″, 108″ x 96″
  • Perfect jacket design with drawstring at the opening for quick veggie covering during harsh weather.
  • High-quality UV stabilized, lightweight, breathable, and soft fabric
  • Spun polypropylene fabric – does not cause any harm to the plants.
  • Ideal for grow boxes, large pots, and tall vegetables such as tomatoes.

What do Amazon buyers say about Agfabric Warm Worth frost protection fabric?

  • No-fuss in taking the cover off each morning and putting it back on in the evening during frosty times.
  • Works perfectly for occasional frost ~ 32 degrees C
  • The fabric is heavier than most competitions. So, it offers better frost protection.
  • Easy to cover plants with a handy drawstring. The fabric stays on all winter and protects the vegetables even from strong winds.

40″ x 60″

84″ x 72″

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108″ x 96″

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Remember to uncover the plants after frost, especially in the mid-morning. It is best to do it before the sun heats up above 40. Otherwise, your vegetables will get burned.

DeWitt Supreme 1.5 oz 6′ x 50′ Plant Frost Protection Winterization Cloth Freeze Blanket Supreme650

If you want to keep your plants alive without replanting every year, save them from freezing winter with DeWitt Supreme frost-proof cover.

  • Large size 6 x 50 feet – cut it into custom sizes to fit small plants.
  • 1.5 ounce reusable, heavy-duty fabric. It will block more sunlight than the 0.5oz
  • The lightweight cover is excellent for fragile plants.
  • Suitable for vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and green onions.
  • Fold and roll back to the original roll for storage
  • The US-made product.

What do Amazon users say about DeWitt Supreme winterization cloth?

  • It saves their plants from frost (low 30’s).
  • Potatoes and onions sprout well despite the few chilly evenings in NYC.
  • It holds up against gusty winds.
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Frost Protek Plant Cover – Large – Garden Fabric for Protection and Insulation

  • Size 42″ x 55″ with a drawstring to anchor the cover at the base of the container.
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric allows the plant to breathe and receive sunlight.
  • The dome-shaped cover makes it easy to slide over plants.
  • Spun polypropylene fabric with light sage green color.
  • Washable and quick dry.
  • Suitable for vegetables grown in large containers, window boxes, or barrels.

Based on the overall feedback from Amazon customers, they find Frost Protek to be convenient as they don’t have to take the blanket off every day. Some feel disappointed with the size because it is smaller than expected. It would be helpful if the product mentions the coverage height.

Make sure you tie the bottom up to prevent Frost Protek cover from being blown away by the wind.
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How To Protect Plants From Frost With Fleece

You can use fleece to insulate edibles against the winter cold.

How Water Protect Plants From Frost

Water your vegetables using sprinklers before a freeze warning. When water freezes, it releases heat. So, if your plants have a thin layer of frost, it helps keep them warmer.

How To Install Floating Row Covers

One of the challenges of winter planting is to protect the tender plants from sudden changes in temperature. The solution? Build a hoop tunnel that can cover the entire planter box.

Budget Frost Protection For Vegetables

What if you don’t want to spend money on drop cloths, blankets, and fleece sheets to protect frost-sensitive plants from cold snap?

You can use clear plastic covers for vegetables.

But never let the plastic touch your plants.

Upon contact with your veggies, it can hold moisture against plant tissues and cause more severe freeze damage.

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