Best Plant Frost Covers With Velcro

Are you looking for plant frost covers with Velcro?

When you receive a frost warning, a winter crop protection with self-adhesive tape (Velcro) allows quick fitting.

It also secures cloth in place to protect your prized plants from freezing temperatures.

Check out the following frost protection for plants with Velcro.

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Best Plant Frost Covers With Velcro

A layer of mulch is often enough to protect plant roots. In more northern climates, Mother Nature provides a layer of snow, which serves as a great winter covering for plants. However, many plants depend on a little extra protection to survive until spring.


So, moving pots of plants under a tree is not enough for winter protection.

For a short cold period, low plantings can be covered with mulch, such as straw or leaf mold.

Remiawy Plant Covers Freeze Protection Frost Cover Plant Blanket for Cold Weather – Reusable Frost Blankets for Plants Floating Row Cover for Vegetables Insect Protection Season Extension (8FTX24FT)

  • Suitable for potted plants and raised beds.
  • UV-stabilized garden frost cover provides shade and cooling necessary for plants.
  • You can cut Remiawy plant cloth to fit multiple smaller areas.

Fabric weight: 0.74 oz/yd²

  • Transmits light (85% average), water and air
  • Frost Protection Range: Down to 35°F

Fabric weight: 1.33 oz/yd²

  • Transmits light (50% average), water and air
  • Frost Protection Range: Down to 27°F

What do Amazon customers say about it?

  • Most reviewers say Remiawy Freeze Protection Cover works as described.
  • It is heavy enough to protect plants from frost without damaging them.
  • It does not fall apart.
  • Vegetables survive below-freezing weather.
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In areas where frost is frequent and unpredictable, gardeners often erect tall stakes or forms around their frost-sensitive plants. So they can drape their covers over the plants and secure them without worrying about the coverings bunching or blowing away in the night.


Garden frost blanket with Velcro allows you to seal the windows for minimal heat loss.

VegTrug Greenhouse Cover with Support Frame

  • Only fit the VegTrug8482 Patio Garden.
  • 21″ high steel frame.
  • Quick installation with convenient push-fit connectors.
  • Reinforced polyethylene greenhouse cover with heavy-duty stitching and zippers.
  • Durable Velcro brand tabs to secure the fabric to the frame.

What do Amazon users say about it?

  • Most users find VegTrug easy to assemble.
  • Additional velcro attachments would be excellent. They can hold down the cover in windy conditions.
  • The metal poles affixed to the bottom connectors rust as there is no drainage.

68″ L x 28-1/2″ W x 21″ H

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38″ L X 28 ½-” W X 21″ H (Compact Version)

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DIY Plant Covers For Winter: How to Make a Row Cover Tunnel

How To Cover Plants For Frost Warning

  • Use frost cloth to protect plants from the coldest climate (28°F for five hours).
  • Cover the flower or vegetable container plants before dark to trap warmer air.
  • If possible, don’t let the fabric touch the foliage.
  • For windy situations, anchor the freeze blanket.
  • As temperatures rise and frost subsides in the morning, remove the winter fleece. Under the covers, heat from the sun can build up. Thus, plants can perish from high temperatures.
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