3 Reasons Not To Rake Leaves

Falling leaves can make your yard looks messy.

But raking them up is not an easy chore.

Why should we stop raking leaves?

Leaving the leaves goes easier on your back.

And it also benefits your garden.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why you should support “Leave The Leaves” program.

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Keep Weeds Under Control

Leaves serve as mulch to suppress weeds.

Also, they protect the soil around your trees, shrubs, or vegetables and insulate them over winter.

So, why pay for weed killers and plant covers when you can get it free falling from the trees?

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Fertilize Your Garden

What happens if you don’t rake leaves?

The dead leaves will eventually decompose, adding organic material and nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon to the soil.

They keep beneficial bacteria and fungi active in the ground.

So, your garden will have the nutrients ready for next year’s plantings.

For lawn, make sure you don’t allow the leaves to pile up more than three inches. They will smother your lawns. Instead, rake them over the grass lightly or put them in a compost bin.

Provide Habitat For Insects

Leaving leaves on the ground creates an excellent cover for small organisms that want to escape from the harsh winter.

The leaf litter provides protection and breeding grounds for the bees, wasps, and butterflies.

These insects usually hatch in early spring and assist in pollination.

They are an essential food source for small birds and reptiles in the spring.

Options For Cleanup

Sometimes, you find it impossible to let your yard untidy in the fall or winter.

Here is what you can do.

  1. Allow your neighbors to use the excess leaves. Bag all the dead leaves in clear sacks. Add a note to give your neighbors permission to haul them home for use in their garden beds or compost bins. Leave the bags on the curb so they can pick them up whenever they want.
  2. Gather the leaf litters and transfer them to out-of-the-way areas. Make sure they are hidden from plain sight. You don’t want those waste to be disturbed.

Rake the leaves to the base of perennial plants and trees. Mulching protects the roots from cold and enriches the soil once the decomposition is complete.

If collection of dead leaves is far-fetched, then mark an area with a low fence, a wildlife habitat sign, or anything to indicate the unkempt area is intentional.


Why should you not rake your leaves?

You have the opportunity to restore declining species and improve the surrounding biodiversity without leaving your backyards.

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